The Dangers of DIY Heavy Duty Towing

The Dangers of DIY Heavy Duty Towing

Many vehicle owners have had the towing experience at some time in their lives. It is usually when we are younger, with our first cheap, second hand car that keeps breaking down. Usually, we just call out a mate with a towing rope/chain and that’s it. As we get older and more economically solvent, with better cars, we don’t think twice about calling out a towing service. 

Breaking down and needing a tow is just one of the hassles of driving. But sometimes it isn’t about moving your personal vehicle. Businesses need towing services for different types of transportation solutions. That’s when they have to look into heavy duty towing and that’s where we come in. For over 10 years we at Banjo’s Anytime Towing have been hiring out our services and expertise to individuals and companies that have towing issues. Because of that, we would like to remind you of the dangers of heavy duty towing.

What is heavy duty towing?

Here we are talking about weights up to 25 tonnes. That is the load capacity of our recovery and transportation trucks. Our trucks come equipped with a boom that can handle that much weight. If the machine or equipment that has to be moved isn’t mobile, then it has to be lifted onto a flatbed.

In other cases, vehicles or machines aren’t the tow load. Sometimes it awkward or bulky items that can’t be transported by any other means. This is also considered heavy duty towing, due to size, not weight.
As you would imagine, transporting such items can be a tricky business. Trying to do it yourself, without the expertise, experience and equipment of a full time heavy duty towing service can lead to problems and sometimes fatal consequences.

The trucks used in heavy duty towing are specially manufactured for that exact job. They are built for strength and weight capacity. No other commercial type vehicle has the power to move heavy duty loads. If you try, you will damage your vehicle.

Despite their weight, these huge loads have to be secured correctly. If not, they can shift and become a danger to other road users.

Bends, hills, dips, and turns all present dangers to those drivers that aren’t trained and experienced in towing heavy duty items. 

Don’t Try DIY

If you are in need of heavy duty towing, don’t try to do it yourself, leave it to the experts. Not only are we at Banjo’s Anytime Towing Service experienced in this is sort of work, but we are also fully insured. Don’t risk accidents by cutting corners.

We have all your towing solutions, so contact us online or simply call us on 0408 171 392 for more information.