Heavy Towing Darwin

Worried about catching a tow for your truck, 4×4, motorhome or tractor? We can cover it. With the right heavy towing equipment and towing vehicles that are up to the task, we’re able to tow almost anything, wherever you need it to go! We service clients throughout Darwin, Casuarina, East Arm, Howard Springs, Humpty Doo and Palmerston.

Towing Forklift Truck—Towing and transport in NT

Caravan & Heavy Machine Relocation

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether we’re able to provide towing that includes the transportation of a caravan & heavy machinery. In some circumstances, the existing towing vehicle has broken down; in other situations, the caravan or heavy machinery has come off the road or become damaged, meaning it needs assistance to move further. Some people need to have their caravan moved, but aren’t able to do the job themselves. In all these cases, our highly experienced, skilled team can use our heavy tow trucks to move your caravan and machinery wherever it needs to go. We are also able to move boats – call us on 0408 171 392 or contact us online today for more information.

Our Towing Qualifications

Fully insured

All our vehicles and crews are fully insured to move your vehicle wherever it needs to go. In the unlikely event that your vehicle sustains damage whilst in our care, we’re fully covered to reimburse you. 

If you’ve suffered a breakdown somewhere remote, we are also insured to take your party back to your chosen destination in our vehicle.

Challenging rescues are our specialty

Stuck in the mud? Come off the road? Broken down in an inaccessible, remote, rural location? Don’t worry. 

Over the years, our team have rescued vehicles that have been in all sorts of perilous situations. No matter what the circumstances are, our priorities are always your safety and that of your vehicle. 

We have specialist equipment and high-grade tow trucks, enabling us to successfully complete a range of rescues.

Heaving Towing FAQs

The length of time before we reach you depends on the following:

– Where you are

– The degree of urgency of your call (for example, we always prioritise vulnerable passengers)

– The type of vehicle that needs towing

– Whether the teams are already engaged on calls

In most cases, we will be with you in an hour or less.

If you’ve locked yourself out of your vehicle, or the locks are broken, we are still able to tow it successfully. We can also tow vehicles that have missing wheels, severe structural damage or other issues. Your vehicle can be completely non-operational and we can still get it from A to B.


Yes! If you know that a vehicle is going to need towing, get in touch and we can schedule a pick-up date and time to suit your requirements.

This depends on variables such as:

– Distance to be towed

– Type of vehicle that needs towing

– The amount of work involved in loading and unloading the vehicle

– Related costs, depending on the job

Call (04) 0817 1392 for heavy towing today