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If you’ve broken down, you need a response team you can trust, who won’t leave you with an exorbitant bill at the end.

Banjo’s will be there to help you out of a sticky situation with 24 hour emergency towing services.


Servicing the entire Darwin region, we can provide you with remote service for any transportation or towing you need.

Whether you are experiencing engine trouble in the outback, or you need something removed from your rural property, we will be there when you need us!

We have the capability to transport and relocate farm, plant and industrial equipment weighing up to 12 tonnes.

Shipping containers are no problem for our experienced team. Let Banjo Towing serve your heavy duty towing needs!

Does Your Car Need Towing?

Woman Calling For A Towing Service

Our experienced team have the right skillset and experience to tow vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Banjo’s has invested heavily in state-of-the-art tow trucks that can be used for towing everything from coaches to trucks, lorries and more.

If you’ve got a container that needs transporting because your vehicle has broken down, we can take both container and vehicle wherever you need to go.

When you use Banjo’s, you can trust us to tow almost anything safely. The team are experts in risk assessment, planning each towing job to optimise the safety of your vehicle, other road users, you and our crew.

We will always use the right equipment and method to get your vehicle securely transferred to the tow truck, as well as take care when it’s time to unload your vehicle at the other end of the trip.

Extra-wide, high, or long vehicle? Not a problem! Banjo’s regularly completes challenging towing tasks, including towing wide loads and completing long-distance towing trips.

Note that we will always provide a no-obligation quote before we start work, so you’ll always know exactly how much you’ll be paying.

If you’re stranded off-road, provided you can contact us, we can usually work out where you are and drive out to tow you to safety. If your vehicle is stuck in mud or sand or has sustained an accident that means it’s undrivable, we will be able to tow it (and you) to wherever you need to go. 

Our team is used to dealing with tricky, challenging towing tasks, so even if you’re stuck in an unenviable situation, we can help.

Our towing service is available 24/7/365Give us a call and we are prepared to drive out into the outback at night to tow you back to civilisation! 

We are a professional towing company that specialises in high-grade, dependable towing services no matter where you’re located, the nature of your vehicle or the circumstances that mean you need a tow. 

Our tow trucks are tough enough to cope with off-road conditions, even whilst towing your vehicle!

White Tow Truck Darwin
heavy duty towing in Darwin NT

From boats to trucks, coaches, caravans and more, Banjo’s can provide a safe, cost-effective and speedy solution to your heavy towing needs. Examples of the vehicles that we can tow include:

  • Haulage trucks
  • Excavators
  • RVs / motorhomes / caravans
  • Specialist vehicles for horse transport
  • Vans
  • Containers
  • Agricultural machinery (such as tractors, combines, aerators, thrashers or similar).
  • Heavy plant, including excavators, bobcats, diggers, trenchers and cranes.
  • Industrial components, such as concrete installations, or industrial plant (metal piping or appliances, for example).
  • Boats and boat components
  • Large-scale components for civil engineering projects such as bridge or highway construction

  If you have a heavy load that requires towing that doesn’t fit into any of these categories, we’ll likely be able to tow it for you.

Just get in touch with us here at Banjo’s and tell us what type of towing service you need.

Professional vehicle towing services

Covering a wide range of vehicles For Towing

From sudden breakdowns to your car not starting in the morning, there are many reasons why you may want a reputable, reliable service for towing in Darwin.

At Banjos, we specialise in tilt tray towing for a wide range of vehicles, ensuring your car is safely recovered and removed as swiftly and easily as possible.

If you need an emergency tow, our specialist team are up to the task and are available 24/7. Our services are just part of what makes us the best. We help those looking to relocate heavy machinery or light vehicles – including stranded drivers – throughout DarwinCasuarinaEast ArmHoward SpringsHumpty Doo and Palmerston.

Tilt tray towing VS hook and chain towing

At Banjos Towing Darwin, we use tilt tray towing for many vehicles.

By safely elevating your vehicle off the road, we can prevent damage, ensure your car is in the best condition, and prevent further issues.

This is particularly important for vehicles that have been in accidents, where steering and suspension may have already been damaged.

For breakdowns and accidents, tilt tray towing is the best way to remove a vehicle swiftly and effectively.

Banjo's Towing Red Vehicle—Towing and transport in NT

Vehicle Breakdown Recovery

Whether your car has broken down in traffic or you have a problem with your engine at the side of the road, our friendly team can be out to you quickly to tow your vehicle for repair.

We aim to get out to you as quickly as possible for minimal disruption and ensure that you aren’t blocking traffic for other road users.

Towing Blue car—Towing and Transport in NT

Vehicle Towing After An Accident

If your vehicle has been in an accident, our expert team are the best service to call for towing and recovery.

Whether it’s a multi-car incident or you’ve accidentally hit a car or wall, our friendly team can be with you in no time to tow away your vehicle to the garage of your choice – or we can recommend a good garage in the Darwin area if you don’t have one in mind.

Car Towed & Transported — Towing and Transport in NT

Vehicle Removal From Drives & Car Parks

If your car won’t start in the morning, or your vehicle isn’t turning on after a long day of work, our specialist towing services can ensure you’re able to get your car fixed and ready for use as soon as possible.

For car parks where there are closures after a specific time, our expert, fast towing service can ensure you can access your vehicle when you need to.

Why Choose Banjo's Towing in Darwin for roadside assistance?

Towing in Darwin is necessary if you get into a car accident or your car breaks down on the road. Having a reputable towing company to help you out is as easy as calling Banjo’s Anytime Towing Service where we specialise in 24 hour breakdown and accident service. 

For more than a decade, we’ve been providing quality and punctual towing services to everyone in town. We have a crew of trained and friendly tow truck drivers who can help you with roadside assistance 24 hours per day, whether you’ve been in an accident or you have a breakdown on the road.

In addition to our well trained and friendly tow truck drivers, we also offer a full range of towing services to meet your needs.

We can move both small and large pieces of machinery when it’s too heavy for you to deal with on your own. That includes forklifts, bobcats, plant machinery and trucks. Instead of risking damage to your own vehicles, let us do the work for you with our approved towing trucks for moving heavy loads. We have a tilt truck with a 12 ton capacity to make the job faster and easier. 

Our 24 hour towing services mean that you can call us anytime you need a tow and we can send a driver to your location to help you. 

We can also rescue you in rural areas, both for accidents and breakdowns. We’re insured for both urban and rural areas and no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Whether it’s your personal vehicle or machinery, we can do it all!

If you need roadside assistance, give us a call or contact us online for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our tilt tray towing services, we can tow cars and vans of various shapes and sizes. To find out more about what we can tow, get in touch with our team today.

We can remove even extremely damaged vehicles from the site of accidents thanks to our tilt tray towing system. We work quickly to ensure minimal roadside disruption and blockages when removing vehicles from the site of accidents.

If you have a specific garage you need your vehicle to be towed to, we can take your car there. If you’re not sure or plan to scrap your vehicle, we can advise on the best place to take your car.

We offer emergency towing around the clock. Call us now if you need emergency towing services in the Darwin area.

Tow Truck Darwin

Family owned and proudly operating in Darwin for more than a decade, Banjo’s Anytime Towing is the reliable towing company you’ve been looking for.

We have built a strong reputation for fast and friendly service in towing, as well as vehicle, machinery and shipping container transportation.

Contact Troy from Banjo’s today for a free quote on all our services.