Four Times You Will Need a Heavy Truck

Four Times You Will Need a Heavy Truck

Needing a heavy tow truck is something that could happen to you when certain circumstances arise. When they do, you can rely on the experts here at Banjos Anytime Towing Service to help you out. Our experienced tow truck drivers are available 24 hours per day and can respond to emergencies in addition to our traditional service. Here are four times when you should give us a call.

Your Car Breaks Down

When your car breaks down, the safest thing you can do is get it out of traffic, if possible. Then you can call us, no matter the time of day or night, as one of our tow truck drivers will come to you. We can move your vehicle to a safe location, whether that’s a repair shop or your home so that it can be repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

You Are in a Collision

It can be scary to get into a collision on the road, whether you’re at fault or the other driver is. In these cases, we are here to help you move your vehicle to a safe place, such as a repair shop. In addition to towing your car from the scene of the accident, we also do recovery and wreckage removal if your insurance company has decided that your automobile is a write off. In these cases, we can take it to the insurance holding yard, your home or wreckage site.

Machinery Relocation

Whether you need to move a large or small piece of machinery, we are here to help. Our drivers are fully insured and able to get your machinery from place to place with ease. That includes plant machinery, forklifts, bobcats, trucks and much more. Because we have the heavy trucks to get this job done, there won’t be the worry and stress about damaging your equipment and we can also get it done quickly for you.

Remote Recoveries

Getting stuck far from town is inconvenient and scary. If you’ve decided to take a drive and find yourself with a broken down or otherwise inoperable vehicle, we can help. We’ll come to you quickly and get you back where you belong in no time. Whether you’re stranded due to a breakdown or an accident, we will get there and get you taken care of, no matter the time of day or night.

Call us for assistance

If you need a tow truck to assist you with the relocation of a heavy vehicle, call us on 0408 171 392 or contact us online.

Our team will be able to safely transport your heavy vehicle to where in needs to go.