Dangers of DIY towing

Dangers of DIY towing

Recent statistics show that motorists in the Northern Territories are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident compared with those driving in other parts of the country. Poor road infrastructure is cited as one of the main reasons for this. Unfortunately, the poor road infrastructure also accounts for the significant number of vehicle breakdowns that occur each year. From vehicles that aren’t fit for longer trips through to those that can’t cope with the challenging conditions on some of our roads, trucks and cars often end up failing during a journey. Although initially, it may seem tempting to call a mate to come and give you a tow, the reality is that DIY towing can be a hazardous business, especially out here in NT. Here we take a look at five dangers of DIY towing that mean professional assistance is almost always the best option.

1. Finding the right tow vehicle and towing equipment

In many cases, a regular truck or 4×4 simply won’t have the power or handling to tow your vehicle any great distance. Particularly if you’ve broken down in rough terrain and have a larger truck, it’s unlikely you or a friend are going to have a vehicle that’s up to the job of towing. Remember that if you’ve broken down in a remote area, you may need to be towed several hundred kilometres!

2. Condition of the towing equipment

As experienced breakdown recovery and towing experts, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that’s inspected regularly and kept in top condition. Can you say the same about the fraying tow rope that’s been in the back of the truck for a year or two? Poorly maintained or unsuitable towing equipment could fail at any time, potentially causing a serious accident. Is it really worth the risk?

3. Expertise of your tow driver

How much towing has your DIY tow vehicle driver got? Driving a tow truck is a skilled business, especially on our challenging roads. The handling of a towing vehicle changes when it’s carrying a load, which means a rookie driver can be caught out all too easily.

4. Lack of back-up

When we commence a remote towing job, not only do our high-grade vehicles set off with an experienced crew and ample supplies of essentials, we also have a full backup team on standby should it be required. If your DIY towing effort fails for some reason, it means you and your mate are now both stranded, often without sufficient backup to get you home safely.

5. Lack of insurance

If your vehicle sustains further damage during a DIY tow, it’s often the case that existing insurance won’t cover the damage. When you use a professional towing crew, your vehicle is insured against further damage throughout the rescue and subsequent transportation process.

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Given the dangers of DIY towing, it’s little surprise that motorists choose professional towing services when they want their vehicle towed to safety quickly and safely.

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