Pull Off the Road Immediately When You See These Signs of Vehicle Trouble

Pull Off the Road Immediately When You See These Signs of Vehicle Trouble

Whether your car is brand new or past its prime, there are certain signs that indicate something may be seriously wrong. It may not be safe to keep driving if you see, hear, smell or feel something out of the ordinary. If anything doesn’t seem right with your car, it’s safest to pull over and call a fast, efficient and friendly towing service like Banjo’s Anytime Service. Of course, you should only pull over when it’s safe to do so, so be sure to check there are no hazards, vehicles or pedestrians in your way before pulling over!

Signs of vehicle trouble to look out for:

Abnormal noise

If you hear a thump, clunk, bang or crash, you definitely need to pull over and check it out. A loud or sudden noise can indicate that something in your car’s mechanics has moved, fallen off or gotten stuck. If you can’t identify what made the noise, get an expert to take a look to make sure there is no danger to you and your passengers, or to your car. Ignoring a problem can lead to a bigger problem down the track.

Dashboard lights

You might not notice a lot of the lights on your dashboard until one lights up that isn’t usually on. Two lights that you don’t want to come on when you’re driving are the temperature light and the oil light. The temperature light will come on when your car is overheating, and if ignored, can lead to a blown head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. The oil light indicates the pressure has dropped, which will ruin the car’s motor if you don’t pull over and get it sorted out. If you see these lights come on, pull over immediately and organise to get your car towed.

Smoke or steam

If you see smoke, steam or vapour coming from your car’s hood, you must pull over to avoid the engine overheating or even catching on fire. Steam usually indicates a coolant leak, which can lead to permanent damage if ignored. If you see steam or smoke, the safest thing to do is to pull over immediately and turn the engine off. Move away from the car while you wait for the engine to cool down and a towing service to take you to a mechanic.

Flames or sparks

It goes without saying that if you see flames or sparks coming from your engine or anywhere else in your car, something is seriously wrong. Pullover and turn the engine off, then move yourself and your passengers a safe distance from your car while you wait for assistance.

Strange smells

Catching a whiff of a strange smell is another sign that all may not be well in your car. Smoke, petrol or gas smells are a serious cause for concern. Some problems that might produce a strange odour are smouldering electrical wires, leaking gas or an overheating engine. It’s possible that a smell may not be coming from your car, so pull over and wait a few minutes. If the smell sticks around, you should too.

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