What To Do If You Break Down At Night?

What To Do If You Break Down At Night?

Breaking down is never a welcome experience, but night-time breakdowns can be particularly unpleasant. As a seasoned, 24-hour towing company, based in Darwin, we’ve got a lot of experience attending nighttime breakdowns. Take a look at our top six tips that cover what to do if you break down at night.

Park As Safely As You Can

If you’re on a highway, try to leave at the next available exit. If you can’t get that far, pull onto the hard shoulder or off the freeway. On a major road, there is a significant risk that your stationary car will be hit by a moving vehicle, so parking out of the way is a priority.

In rural areas, pull off the road if possible, but be aware that the terrain on either side of the road may be uneven, sandy or muddy – in some circumstances it may be safer to park on the road and exit the vehicle.

Hazards On And Put The Bonnet Up

Once you are parked as safely as possible, put your hazard lights on and put the bonnet up – this makes it clear that your vehicle has broken down, making it easier for help to find you as well as providing an additional warning to other motorists that you’re there.

Leave The Vehicle If Safe To Do So

The risk of a collision means that in most cases it’s safer to wait for assistance outside your vehicle. Although roads are quieter at night, low visibility means a stationary vehicle may be more easily missed. Exit on the side of the car furthest from the highway. Occasionally, in rural areas, it may be safer to stay in your vehicle – this may be the case if there are animals close by, or if the weather is particularly inclement.

Call A 24-Hour Breakdown Company

Not all breakdown companies provide a 24-hour service – If you’re local to Darwin, we recommend storing our number on your phone, so that you’re prepared. Make sure you have details of your vehicle, the nature of the problem (if you have some idea what it might be), your location and any special requirements you or your passengers may have before you call. Depending on your location, a 24-hour towing company like Banjo’s Anytime Towing will be with you in anything from a few minutes to an hour or two.

Pay Close Attention To Your Surroundings

At night, it’s possible for a hazard to be close by before you’re aware of it. Although in most cases you can safely wait it out until help arrives, it’s wise to remain vigilant in case of the unexpected. Roaming animals, for example, may mean it’s safer to return to your vehicle until they’ve passed.

Call The Emergency Services If Necessary

If your vehicle is parked in a particularly dangerous location, for example, or a member of your party requires medical attention whilst you’re waiting for roadside assistance, call the emergency services.

For a fast, professional towing service in and around Darwin, 24/7/365, call Banjo’s Anytime Towing on 0408 171392.