What’s Considered Heavy Duty Towing?

What’s Considered Heavy Duty Towing?

At Banjo’s Anytime Towing we receive a lot of questions about towing weights, combined weights, and what counts as heavy duty towing.

To assist, we’d like to answer the main one. What is heavy duty towing?

Heavy Duty Towing

When you are looking at weights of around 25 tons, then you are in the “Heavy Duty” area.

For example, a tow truck that features a 25-ton boom lift or winch, and maybe has a 6-ton wheel lift, will be considered to be a heavy-duty towing device.

A Heavy-duty towing machine/truck will be able to handle weights up to 25 tons and is typically used for medium to larger sized lorries. 

Medium Duty Towing

Most types of box trucks, motor homes, vans, and RVs are transported with medium duty towing equipment.

If you are the owner of something like a box truck and you are wondering if it needs heavy duty towing, but it probably doesn’t.

Medium duty towing machines are used when the smaller car tow trucks are just too small. 

Towing Capacity

If you are looking to tow something, then your vehicle will have its own towing capacity as mentioned in its manual.

Your tow bar strength will also play a part in the process. Your brakes will also factor into how much you can legally tow. 

There are no private-use vehicles strong enough for heavy duty towing. Heavy duty towing cannot be done with a tow bar.

Even a large van is not strong and safe enough to conduct heavy-duty towing. 

Your towing capacity takes a lot into account. The weight of your car and its pulling power are important, as is your braking capacity.

Your tow bar strength matters, as does the weight of the trailer you are pulling, including what is stored on the trailer. 

Weight Distribution

Let’s say that you hire a heavy-duty tow truck to pull your cargo truck. However, your cargo truck has 8 tons of sandbags piled to the front of its centre of gravity.

In some cases, this may present a problem simply because of the way the weight is distributed.

It is even more complicated if your truck is filled with fluid because the fluid moves both when the truck is being moved up/winched, and then when the truck is moving during transit. 

If you are anywhere near our Banjo’s Anytime Towing office, then we can help you understand whatever laws and rules there are in our area about towing. For heavy duty towing, leave it to the experts!

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